Reformer Pilates

Pure PT reformer pilates is low impact, posture focused, and cardio infused.

The spring-loaded machines produce an unlimited number of exercises and is guaranteed to have you wanting more! The Pure PT reformer sessions bring the fun and life to the reformer bed.

... The benefits are endless
... The burn is insane
... The results are worth it

We work our sessions in 3 week blocks, so that you can progress over the weeks before changing things up, giving everyone a better chance of getting used to the reformer beds. Over the 3 weeks we add more advanced exercises in to challange those who want that extra little bit!

Reformer Styles:

  • Reformer x base

    The basics, incorporating mat pilates to create a workout to help with technique, balance, co ordination and alignment. Upper or lower body focused. Finishing off with a higher intensity block to get the blood pumping. Suitable for beginners.

  • Reformer x athletic

    Pilates inspired, cardio focused.  Broken up into blocks with cardio bursts. Adding a functional training feel on the reformer, you’ll work up a sweat with this beauty. Another full body workout that will be a challenge on a different level by adding in the cardio aspect.

  • Reformer x strength

    A resisted base workout using heavier springs, weights and bands. Full body, this will improve strength and burn!

  • Reformer x strengh x athletic

    A resisted base workout using heavier springs, weights and bands with the combination of functional cardio added in. As above and functional cardio. This full body conditional 45 minute workout is worth getting around!

  • Reformer x core x hiit

    Working the whole trunk of the body – abs, obliquies and lower back + some glutes. A form and breathing focused core workout with bursts of high intensity in true Pure PT style.

    NOTE: Our classes are not rehab classes, they are fitness based reformer sessions. 1:1’s can be booked for these circumstances, dependant on availablity.



  • Single Session $25
  • 10 session pack $225
  • 20 session pack $400
  • Unlimitied Reformer Membership $50 per week minimum 2 month contract
  • The Complete Package (reformer x functional unlimited sessions) $70 per week- minimum 2 month contract


Discounts available for uni students.

One on one sessionsPlease contact us to enquire about trainer availability and pricing.


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